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FIDE - World Chess Federation
  1. The Schism between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Presidential Board

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    The Schism between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Presidential Board

    The Presidential Board held in Minsk on 7-8 April, 2018 agreed that the relevant extracts of the Minutes of the 25-26 March, 2017 Presidential Board Meeting, the 10 April, 2017 Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting and the 13-14 October, 2017 Executive Board Meeting regarding the President’s situation be published.


    In the 25-26 March, Presidential Board Meeting, at the end of the Agenda, the President raised again the discussion of the Agon debts. This matter had been discussed in detail earlier in the Meeting and the Board had agreed to set up a Committee of the Treasurer, Adrian Siegel and elected Vice President, Israel Gelfer to discuss these debts with Ilya Merenzon and to report to the Presidential Board the next day session about the payments to FIDE.

    It was during this discussion that the President was making proposals trying to involve FIDE in his personal problems with Agon and to try and use FIDE to gain control of Agon by blackmailing them with the fact they had a debt to FIDE. As you can see from the Minutes, the Presidential Board did not want to fight with the President, but the President kept returning to the subject. The President did not deny anything that Mr Makropoulos revealed regarding their discussions. Finally the President declared his resignation and thus it was over the matter of the Agon debt that the conflict between the President and the Presidential Board started.

    The following are the Minutes of this matter. Please see link here


    The 10 April Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting was called to discuss what further actions should be taken by FIDE following the President’s declaration of resignation in the March meeting.

    After FIDE announced that the President declared his resignation, the President returned to Russia and immediately denied that he had resigned and started insulting the whole Presidential Board. He started giving interviews saying that the Americans and Kasparov were behind this and that there was a coup attempt being led by the Deputy President and the Executive Director.

    During the Meeting, the President apologised for providing wrong information to the media and admitted that he had even asked Ms. Tsedenova to prepare a letter of resignation and that also whatever decision the Presidential Board took, he would agree with it. The Presidential Board unanimously reconfirmed the decision that the Powers of the FIDE President are fully delegated to the FIDE Deputy President and the President agreed that he would withdraw his previous statement that he would reclaim his powers. Finally the Presidential Board unanimously agreed that Mr Ilyumzhinov, while remaining as FIDE President, no longer could act on behalf of FIDE.

    The following are the Minutes regarding the situation of the President. Please see link here


    Unfortunately, the President did not respect the decisions of the FIDE Presidential Board and continued to claim to act on behalf of FIDE. He persisted in attacking Presidential Board members and the attacks were becoming personal and defamatory.

    The 13-14 October Executive Board Meeting unanimously ratified the decision of the 10 April Extraordinary Presidential Board. The Deputy President in his Report raised the matter of the President’s behaviour, giving documented concrete examples of the attacks. He also requesting the President to stop those around him from spreading these stories. At no time did the President deny any matter raised by the Deputy President. The Treasurer raised again the problems caused to our bank accounts because of the President being on the US Sanctions list. Following a long discussion, the Executive Board voted 37 to 20 with two abstentions requesting the President not to run in the next election.

    The following are the Minutes relating to the Deputy President’s Report. Please see link here

  2. 43rd World Chess Olympiad: Invitation

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    The Georgian Chess Federation and the Chess Olympiad Organizing Committee have the great honor to invite all FIDE member countries to the 43rd Batumi Chess Olympiad and the 89th FIDE congress to be held from 23rd of September till 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.


  3. FIDE World School Chess Championships in Durres

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    The 2018 FIDE World School Chess Championships are being held from 21-29th April at Hotel Fafa in Durres, Albania.

    A total of 387 participants from 40 federations are taking part in the event throughout twelve age categories from U7 to U17, boys and girls.

    This is the biggest international sport event ever held in Albania.

    LIVE Games / Official website

    The Organizer shall award trophies to the players taking the first three places in each event. The Organizer shall also award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the players taking the first three places in each event. Trophies for 1st place and medals are awarded after applying tie-breaks.


    For Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17 categories, finishing first equal up to 3 players shall be awarded the FM/WFM title. The Silver & Bronze Medal winners shall be awarded the CM/WCM title.

    For Under-07, Under-09 and Under-11 categories, finishing first equal up to 3 players or Silver & Bronze Medal winners shall be awarded the CM/WCM title.

    School Chess Teachers, Arbiters and Trainers Seminars will be held from 27 to 29 April 2018.

    Mr. Eduard Shalsi - President of the Albanian Chess Federation and
    elected MP of the Albanian Parliament

    Mr. Viron Bezhani - President of the National Olympic Committee of Albania

    Mr. Konstantin Shkurti - Deputy Minister of Education and Sports in Albania

    Mr. Erald Dervishi - GM and Vice President of the Albanian Chess Federation










  4. Presentation of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad

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    The Minister of Culture and Sport of Georgia Mikheil Giorgadze officially presented the 43rd Chess Olympiad – Batumi 2018 - on April 17 in the “Biltmore” hotel’s congress-hall in Tbilisi.

    Many honorary guests attended the ceremony, including the Olympiad’s goodwill ambassador, a former World Chess Champion and the current World Rapid Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand, FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Zurab Pataradze, European Chess Union President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Georgian Chess Federation President Giorgi Giorgadze, representatives of the governmental structures and diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, famous chess players and Georgian veteran sportsmen. Olympic champions and people distinguished in cultural and business fields were among the guests.

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    Nona Gaprindashvili

    Former Women`s World Champions Nona Gaprindashvili and Maia Chiburdanidze were nominated as 43rd Chess Olympiad’s goodwill ambassadors. The Batumi Chess Olympiad video was shown at the presentation. After the official part of the event all guests were invited to play chess and attend a photo exhibition specially created for this ceremony.

    Georgios Makropoulos

    FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Sport and Culture, the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, the ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the GCF President Giorgi Giorgadze and the two previous ministers of sport for their great work and support of chess in Georgia, for the organization of the FIDE World Cup 2017, which was held on a very high level and for the preparation to upcoming World Chess Olympiad. “I want to thank the Minister of Sport and Culture Mikheil Giorgadze, the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Zurab Pataradze for their support and I`m confident we are going to see here one of the best World Chess Olympiads. More than 180 nations, including players, trainers, arbiters, who are going to visit your country, will have a chance to know more about Georgia, to experience great hospitality of Georgian people.”

    The 43rd Chess Olympiad will be held in Batumi from September 23 till October 6 2018. Batumi won the right to host the Olympiad at the FIDE General Assembly held in Tromso, Norway in 2014, where the city got 93 votes, while its opponent Durban (South Africa) got 58 votes.


    FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos with the Minister of Sport and Culture Mikheil Giorgadze and the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Zurab Pataradze.


    Viswanathan Anand, Zurab Azmaiparashvili and Giorgi Giorgadze after the official presentation of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad. The European Chess Union president and the legendary chess player and the former World Chess Champion made a symbolic move on the gigantic chessboard.



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    Zurab Pataradze

    30714724 2002647026641798 1575163763860963328 o
    Nona Gaprindashvili and Viswanathan Anand

    30716494 2002647253308442 1167257916462333952 o
    Viswanathan Anand

    30728783 2002647276641773 2393397304817090560 o
    Giorgi Giorgadze

    30741029 2002647046641796 3581937239497637888 o
    Zurab Azmaiparashvili


  5. List of Decisions of 2018 1st quarter FIDE PB

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    2018 1st quarter
    Presidential Board meeting
    Minsk, Belarus
    7-8 April 2018


    1PB-2018/1. To authorize Deputy President G. Makropoulos to seek legal advice in respect of non-eligibility of K. Ilyumzhinov to stand for FIDE Presidential elections 2018. One objection - Mr. L. Ncube.

    1PB-2018/2. To publish the relevant part of the 1st Quarter Presidential Board Meeting in March 2017, the Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting of April 2017 and the Executive Board Minutes of October 2017.

    1PB-2018/3. To continue discussions with the UBS not to close our accounts.

    1PB-2018/4. To continue to investigate solutions regarding the problems caused by UBS wishing to close our accounts.

    1PB-2018/5. To write a letter from the FIDE Presidential Board to President K. Ilyumzhinov to request his immediate resignation.

    1PB-2018/6. To authorize FIDE Treasurer A. Siegel and Executive Director N. Freeman to handle the Development Fund monies for the African Continent directly and explain to the African Chess Federation the reason for this. One objection - Mr. L. Ncube.

    1PB-2018/7. To close the Moscow FIDE office with immediate effect. To task Executive Director N. Freeman to find out exact procedure according to the Russian legislation.

    1PB-2018/8. To approve the over-the-board titles.

    1PB-2018/9. To approve ARB Commission report.

    1PB-2018/10. To approve Arbiters' titles.

    1PB-2018/11. To approve Arbiters' classification upgrade.

    1PB-2018/12. To approve TRG Commission report and recommendations.

    1PB-2018/13. To approve Trainers' titles.

    1PB-2018/14. To approve TEC Commission report.

    1PB-2018/15. Not to approve Mr. Naiditch's proposal.

    1PB-2018/16. To approve Commission on Swiss pairings report.

    1PB-2018/17. To approve CIS Commission report.

    1PB-2018/18. To approve the SI titles.

    1PB-2018/19. To approve DIS Commission report.

    1PB-2018/20. To approve MED Commission report.

    1PB-2018/21. To cancel the ratings of Bulgarian players rated as FIDE from 1st May 2018 unless considerable progress has been made by the relevant Bulgarian parties in providing bank transfer documents from the accounts of the Bulgarian Chess Federation to the fake ECU (Delaware) bank account and translating all documentation into English requested by FIDE by 30th April 2018.

    1PB-2018/22. To approve the Events Commission titles.

    1PB-2018/23. To agree that should a Bulgarian player be transferred to another Federation, the transfer fee should be sent to FIDE who will hold it in escrow and return it to the Federation they was transferred to, if the player wishes to return to a recognised Bulgarian Federation.

    1PB-2018/24. To approve the Marketing Committee report.

    1PB-2018/25. To agree that a dress code for players for the 2018 Olympiad would be recommended and be made compulsory for the 2020 Olympiad.

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