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FIDE - World Chess Federation
  1. GM Judit Polgar appointed as Honorary FIDE Vice-President

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    World Chess Federation announces the appointment of Grandmaster Judit Polgar as the Honorary FIDE Vice-President.

    Mrs. Polgar will focus her efforts on chess development all over the world, including promoting chess in schools, popularization of the game and improving the level of tournament organization. GM Judit Polgar is the strongest female chess player of all time. At a classical rating of 2735, Judit was ranked № 8 chess player in the world in 2005.

    Since her retirement from competitive chess in 2014, GM Polgar has been focusing on chess education and chess promotion. By 2018, the Budapest-based annual Global Chess Festival brought together more than 300 participating events and locations across 46 countries. Mrs. Polgar has also created the Chess Palace educational program, which is already being introduced in primary school curricula in Hungary and China. Furthermore, Grandmaster Polgar authored “Chess Playground”, a series of popular children's books translated into several languages.

    In August 2015 Polgar received the Order of Saint Stephen - the highest state distinction in Hungary.

    “I am very glad to welcome Judit to our team,” – said FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich. “She has great experience both as a top player and as an organizer of international events. Her enthusiasm in promotion of chess is enormous. Judit is greatly respected by the global chess community, and I am sure that she will play an important role in the future work of FIDE.” added Mr. Dvorkovich. Arkady Dvorkovich was elected as the new FIDE president in October 2018; new FIDE management team includes renowned chess grandmasters & organizers Nigel Short, Viorel Bologan & Emil Sutovsky.

    “I am very much looking forward to working together with Arkady and his excellent team in extending the reach and appeal of chess worldwide.” – said GM Polgar in her statement. – “I am confident that FIDE will become a more agile organization, supporting our professional athletes and organizers - as well as the millions and millions of chess lovers. My primary personal goals are to increase chess’ impact in non-formal education; finding and fostering talent; and do more for equality of opportunity across gender, social or economic and age differences. Last but not least, chess needs to reaffirm its very special place in the 21st century, conquering new platforms and capturing new audiences. It will be a most exciting challenge for me to assist on this unique mission.” – Judit Polgar concluded.

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  2. WRBCC 2018 Registration and visa

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    Dear Chess Friends!

    FIDE announces that Registration system for the King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships is open at


    Please be informed that the invitation letter for Russian Embassies will be available for download at the online registration system, under section B. Registrations. Please note that the download option will be available only for accredited participants that based on the submitted country of passport, they are required to have a visa to enter Russia.

    You will be able to proceed with the visa procedure from December, the 10th.

    •    A participant may apply for visa either in his home country or abroad.
    •    The main condition is to apply for a Russian visa only in official institutions, such as the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy, Consulate-General or an official Visa Application Center.
    •    Other institutions and travel agencies offering their services will have no access to the information regarding the World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships.
    •    When applying for a Russian visa, alongside with a complete set of documents requested by the Embassy, participants must provide the official invitation from the Russian Chess Federation. This invitation was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. It is the main basis for issuing a visa that substitutes for a telex/ reference number.

    Registration of the Reigning National Champions 2018

    Please note, that each Reigning National Champions 2018 should provide a proof of the title via National Federations.
    The official letter from your National Federation need to be sent to RCF official representative Artem Pugachev in order to be accredited.

  3. FIDE extends the deadline for registrations for WRBCC 2018

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    Dear chess friends,

    FIDE extends the deadline for early registrations for participation in the World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018 till December 15. The entry fee for these registrations will be 100 USD. The late registrations will be accepted till December 22, and will cost 200 USD.

    Please read Information for the participants of FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2018.

  4. Information for the participants of FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2018

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    Information for the participants of FIDE World Rapid Championships & FIDE World Blitz Championships

    December 25th - 31st 2018

    Dear chess friends,

    Please note that all the details about the upcoming World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships will be updated via FIDE and RCF websites on the regular basis.

    There is no need to send your applications to FIDE Secretariat or RCF Secretariat.


    The online REGISTRATION system will be available on December 7, 2018 on FIDE website as well as on RCF website.

    Information on VISA SUPPORT will be shared with you on December 10, 2018 after finalizing all the details with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in order to make the visa obtaining process easy and secure.

    Each participant shall pay an ENTRY FEE to the Organizer. 

    FIDE extends the deadline for early registrations for participation in the World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018 till December 15. The entry fee for these registrations will be 100 USD. The late registrations will be accepted till December 22, and will cost 200 USD.

    In case if a participant doesn't get his/her visa on time, entry fee will be returned.
    Bank details for entry fee

    *The banking details can be downloaded in the system for your convenience

    Общероссийская общественная организация «Российская шахматная федерация»
    119019, Moscow, Russia, Gogolevskiy boulevard, 14, build.1
    119019, г. Москва, Гоголевский бульвар, д.14, стр.1
    Payment reference: Tournament (registration) fee for participation in FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships 2018, not subject to VAT.
    Назначение платежа: Оплата турнирного (регистрационного) взноса за участие в чемпионатах мира ФИДЕ по рапиду и блицу 2018, не облагается НДС.
    Please state your name in the bank transfer to identify a payer.
    USD Account
    Beneficiary customer: RUSSIAN CHESS FEDERATION
    Dollar Account: 40703840638260200813
    Bank correspondent: The Bank of New York Mellon New York, NY
    SWIFT code: IRVTUS3N

    RUR account:
    Наименование организации: ООО «Российская шахматная федерация»
    ИНН 7704016433 КПП 770401001
    Банк: ПАО СБЕРБАНК, г. Москва
    Расчетный счет 40703810438260100813
    Кор. счет 30101810400000000225
    БИК 044525225


    The venue and the official hotels will be announced after December 10th, 2018.


    Date Event Rounds Time
    25 Dec 2018 Arrival,    
    25 Dec 2018 Opening Ceremony   19:30
    25 Dec 2018 Technical Meeting   20:30
    26 Dec 2018 Rapid - day 1 1-5 15:00
    27 Dec 2018 Rapid - day 2 6-10 15:00
    28 Dec 2018 Rapid - day 3 11-15 15:00
    29 Dec 2018 Blitz - day 1 1-12 15:00
    30 Dec 2018 Blitz - day 2 13-21 14:00
    30 Dec 2018 Closing Ceremony   18:00*
    31 Dec 2018 Departure    

    *Approximate time. It can start later if the tie-break for the first place is played or there is any delay during the last playing session.


    Mark Glukhovsky, IO

    RCF contact person
    Artem Pugachev

    Eteri Kublashvili
    Tel.: +7 905 791 76 51

    All the contact information will be announced later.
  5. FIDE introduces additional prizes for the World Rapid and Blitz Championships

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    FIDE is happy to announce additional prizes for the best combined results in the World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018.

    The total pool for the best combined result is 150,000 USD, and it will be distributed as follows:


    1. 20 000
    2. 15 000
    3. 12 000
    4. 10 000
    5. 8 000
    6. 7 000
    7. 6 000
    8. 5 000
    9. 4 000
    10. 3 000

    Total: 90 000 USD


    1. 14 000
    2. 10 000
    3. 8 000
    4. 7 000
    5. 6 000
    6. 5 000
    7. 4 000
    8. 3 000
    9. 2 000
    10. 1 000

    Total: 60 000 USD

    The combined result is determined by the sum of the places in two events - the lower is the better. The prizes will be split equally between all the participants with the equal sum of places : e.g. 1st + 3rd would be equal to 2nd and 2nd.
    In a case of a tie in rapid and/or blitz event, the placement in particular tournament will be counted as follows : tie for 1-3 will be counted as 2nd, tie for 1-5 will be counted as 3rd, etc.

    All the prizes are compatible with the main prizes in the respective tournaments.

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