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The Week in Chess

Chess News from throughout the World
  1. Cairns Cup 2019 - Games and Results

    The 1st Cairns Cup was a women's tournament in Saint Louis that took place 5th to 15th February. 2019. Players: Alexandra Kosteniuk, Nana Dzagnidze, Valentina Gunina, Bela Khotenashvili, Elisabeth Paehtz, Marie Sebag, Harika Dronavalli, Zhansaya Abdumalik, Irina Krush and Anna Zatonskih. Valentina Gunina drew against her closest rival Alexandra Kosteniuk in the final round to take clear first place.
  2. Israeli Team Championship 2019 - Games and Results

    The Israeli Team Championship takes place Sat 5th Jan 2019 to Fri 5th Apr 2019. The games on a Friday are generally broadcast as they're all played at the same venue, the ones on Saturday are held in different venues and haven't transmitted been so far.
  3. 56th Cuban Chess Championship 2019 - Games and Results

    The Cuban Chess Championship 56th Cuban Championship took place Sun 3rd Feb 2019 - Wed 13th Feb 2019. Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera became the youngest winner at the age of 18.
  4. PRO Chess League 2019 - Games and Results

    The PRO Chess League 2019 takes place Tue 8th Jan 2019 to the final on Sun 5th May 2019. 32 teams is divided into four divisions. Leading players: 1 GM Fabiano Caruana Saint Louis Arch Bishops 2827, 2 GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov San Jose Hackers 2820, 3 GM Ding Liren Chengdu Pandas 2804, 4 GM Anish Giri Montreal Chessbrahs 2780, 5 GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Marseilles Migraines 2780, 6 GM Wesley So Saint Louis Arch Bishops 2776, 7 GM Ian Nepomniachtchi Moscow Wizards 2768, 8 GM Yu Yangyi Chengdu Pandas 2765, 9 GM Hikaru Nakamura Seattle Sluggers 2763, 10 GM Harikrishna Pentala Delhi Dynamite 2743, 11 GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda Cannes Blitzstreams 2739, 12 GM Sam Shankland San Francisco Mechanics 2722, 13 GM Le Quang Liem Webster Windmills 2715, 14 GM Francisco Vallejo Pons Barcelona Raptors 2713, 15 GM Dmitry Andreikin Volga Stormbringers 2712, 16 GM Vladimir Fedoseev Estonia Horses 2712, 17 GM Vidit Gujrathi Mumbai Movers 2711, 18 GM Pavel Eljanov Miami Champions 2703, 19 GM Rauf Mamedov San Jose Hackers 2699 and 20 GM Gabriel Sargissian Seattle Sluggers 2691.
  5. Gibraltar Chess Festival 2019 - Games and Results

    The Gibraltar Chess Festival took place 21st to 31st January 2019. MVL, Aronian, Wesley So, Yu Yangyi, Nakamura and Navara are the top seeds in a field that has strength in depth. Vladislav Artemiev won with 8.5/10 half a point clear of Murali Karthikeyan.
  6. Seventh Tata Steel Masters title for Magnus Carlsen - 13

    Magnus Carlsen won his seventh Tata Steel Masters tournament after a comfortable draw against Anish Giri with the black pieces. Carlsen's domination in Wijk aan Zee is similar to that of Kasparov's in Linares (where Garry won 9 titles). Carlsen also has won the C Group in 2004, 2nd in the B group only on tie-break in 2006 and came in joint last place on his debut in the top group in 2007.

    Today Giri took on Carlsen's Sveshnikov but didn't really get anywhere, he gave up the exchange but this didn't help matters and Carlsen rather than try and exploit this advantage quickly steered things to the draw he needed.

    There were just two winners on the final day. Richard Rapport took advantage of a poor opening to beat Jorden van Foreest in 21 moves. The final game to finish was a baffling struggle between Vladimir Kramnik and Sam Shankland, Kramnik got a big advantage out of the opening but 16.Na5? (16.d4! was good, but less so when played the following move) left the game equal. Kramnik was then much worse after 19.d5 until 30. Nd6? (30...Bxc4!) when the position was equal again. Finally Shankland gave up a piece for three pawns, Kramnik then turned down an easy draw (50.Bxa6) to enter a difficult endgame with no upside which he proceeded to lose. I don't think Kramnik can be enjoying this chess very much.

    Nepomniachtchi-Radjabov, Duda-Ding, Anand-Vidit and Mamedyarov-Fedoseev were all reasonably quiet draws.

    Vladislav Kovalev won the Challengers and will play the Masters next year.

    Final Standings (Rk Name Pts Tie break): 1 Carlsen 9.0 55.5 2 Giri 8.5 51.5 3 Nepomniachtchi 7.5 48.75 4 Ding 7.5 47.25 5 Anand 7.5 44.25 6 Vidit 7.0 42 7 Radjabov 6.5 43.25 8 Shankland 6.5 40 9 Rapport 6.5 38.5 10 Duda 5.5 33.25 11 Fedoseev 5.0 34.25 12 Mamedyarov 5.0 31.25 13 Van Foreest 4.5 28 14 Kramnik 4.5 26.75

  7. 81st Tata Steel Chess 2019 - Games and Results

    The 81st Tata Steel Chess tournament took place Saturday 12th (Round 1) to Sunday 27th January 2019. Players masters section: Carlsen, Mamedyarov, Ding Liren, Giri, Kramnik, Anand, Nepomniachtchi, Radjabov, Duda, Shankland, Fedoseev, Vidit and Jorden van Foreest. Magnus Carlsen won the tournament for the seventh time and finished half a point clear of his final round opponent Anish Giri with whom he drew.
  8. Carlsen takes a half point lead into his final round showdown with Giri in the Tata Steel Masters - 12

    Magnus Carlsen beat Jan-Krzysztof Duda in the twelfth round of the Tata Steel Masters. Carlsen was winning pretty much out of the opening but some inaccuracies on his part and his opponent resisting well meant it was not at all easy. Duda probably had good saving chances at one point but Carlsen eventually brought home the full point.

    Anish Giri plays Carlsen in the final round with the white pieces for the title he needs to win the game as he is half a point behind but it perhaps should be been worse. In Round 12 Giri was in terrible trouble against Teimour Radjabov but a bit like the day before he received a bit of a gift. Radjabov offered a draw in a very good, if not winning position, it seems very much underestimated his advantage.

    After his strange oversight against Giri in Round 11 where he resigned a drawn position Sam Shankland ripped apart Ian Nepomniachtchi's Pirc Defence in 35 moves ending the Russian's challenge for the title. Vladimir Kramnik scored his second win in a row when he beat Vladimir Fedoseev. It won't fix his lousy tournament but a good finish will surely help him to get over it. Ding Liren's preparation against Viswanathan ran as deep as 19.Rxe6, it was equal but there were many ways for black to go wrong but Anand played the correct moves after considerable thinking time.

    Santosh Vidit built up a winning position against Richard Rapport but he missed the killer blow 30.Qc5! and his opponent escaped with a draw. Jorden van Foreest drew against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov's Caro Kann.

    Round 12 Standings: 1 Carlsen 8.5, 2 Giri 8, 3 Nepomniachtchi 7, 4 Ding 7, 5 Anand 7, 6 Vidit 6.5, 7 Radjabov 6, 8 Shankland 5.5, 9 Rapport 5.5, 10 Duda 5, 11 Fedoseev 4.5, 12 Mamedyarov 4.5, 13 Van Foreest 4.5, 14 Kramnik 4.5.

    Round 13 - 11am GMT Sunday 27th Jan 2019 Giri-Carlsen, Nepomniachtchi-Radjabov, Kramnik-Shankland, Mamedyarov-Fedoseev, Rapport-Van Foreest, Anand-Vidit, Duda-Ding.

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